Physical Features of Rajasthan Questions

Physical Features of Rajasthan Questions

In this post, Physical Features of Rajasthan Questions are going to be made available to you in English, which you can also download pdf. All these questions are going to be very important for the competitive examination of Rajasthan.

Physical Features of Rajasthan Questions

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Physical Features of Rajasthan Questions | Location and extent of Rajasthan

Here we are providing you more than 50 important questions related to the physical characteristics of Rajasthan and its location and expansion.

Question 1. In which hemisphere is Rajasthan located?

A:) Northern

B:) Southern

C:) Eastern

D:) Western

Answer : A


Question 2. In which direction of India is Rajasthan located?

A:) North-East

B:) South-West

C:) east

D:) North-West

Answer : D


Question 3. The shape of Rajasthan is

A:) Triangular

B:) pentagon

C:) circular

D:) Rhombus

Answer :D


Question 4. What is the area of ​​Jaisalmer, the largest district of Rajasthan?

A:) 38401 Sq.Km.

B:) 30450 Sq.Km.

C:) 14540 Sq.Km.

D:) 3450 Sq.Km.

Answer : A


Question 5. The area of ​​Dhaulpur, the smallest district of Rajasthan is

A:) 3034 Sq.Km.

B:) 3450 Sq.Km.

C:) 4205 Sq.Km.

D:) 38041 Sq.Km.

Answer : A


Question 6. What is the area of ​​Pratapgarh, the thirty-third district of Rajasthan?

A:) 2575 Sq.Km.

B:) 4117 Sq.Km.

C:) 3846 Sq.Km.

D:) 38041 Sq.Km.

Answer : B


Question 7.The newly formed district of Haryana whose borders touch Rajasthan

A:) Jhajjar

B:) Nohra

C:) Bawal

D:) Mewat

Answer : D


Question 8.The district of Madhya Pradesh, which is surrounded by Rajasthan from three sides

A:) Neemuch

B:) Ratlam

C:) Sheopur

D:) Mandsaur

Answer : A


Question 9.The district in which the imaginary lines joining the north to south and east to west points of Rajasthan will cross each other is

A:) Nagaur

B:) Ajmer

C:) Jodhpur

D:) Jaipur

Answer : A


Question 10. The area of ​​Rajasthan is equal to which of the following countries?

A:) Sri Lanka

B:) Japan

C:) England

D:) Pakistan

Answer : B


Question 11. Rajasthan is seventeen times bigger than which country?

A:) France

B:) China

C:) Israel

D:) Australia

Answer : C


Question 12. Tropic of Cancer passes through which districts of Rajasthan?

A:) Banswara and Udaipur

B:) Banswara and Dungarpur

C:) Banswara and Chittorgarh

D:) Udaipur and Chittorgarh

Answer : B


Question 13.The correct descending order of states in terms of area is

A:) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh

B:) Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

C:) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh

D:) Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

Answer : C


Question 14.Area of ​​Rajasthan is

A:) 342239 Sq.Km.

B:) 242339 Sq.Km.

C:) 432329 Sq.Km.

D:) 334229 Sq.Km.

Answer : A


Question 15. The length of the terrestrial boundary of Rajasthan is

A:) 5920 kms.

B:) 5940 kms.

C:) 6920 kms.

D:) 5990 kms.

Answer : A


Question 16. What is the length of the inter-state boundary line of Rajasthan?

A:) 5920 kms.

B:) 1070 kms.

C:) 4950 kms.

D:) 4850 kms.

Answer : D


Question 17. What is the length of the International Border Line?

A:) 1070 kms.

B:) 965 kms.

C:) 1150 kms.

D:) 990 kms.

Answer : A


Question 18. Rajasthan is five times bigger than which country?

A:) Sri Lanka

B:) Germany

C:) America

D:) Nepal

Answer :  A


Question 19. What is the international boundary line of Rajasthan with Pakistan called?

A:) Durand Line

B:) McMahon Line

C:) Radcliffe Line

D:) none of these

Answer : C


Question 20. How many districts of Rajasthan form the international boundary line?

A: 4

B: 8

C:) 3

D:) 5

Answer : A


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